Wild Wight Camera Club featured photographer

Liz Miller

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Liz's role at the club is as joint head of the clubs photographic competition submission select commitee 


I have only taken photography more seriously since 2016 when I purchased a Nikon bridge camera. However everyone talked about RAW and how much better that was , so in 2017 I purchased my 1st DSLR (Nikon D610).

I was not a fan it at first, as I also started taking the photos manually, but eventually have come to love it. 


I started off by taking photos of birds that I saw when I was out walking, but soon ended up doing less walking and more photos.

This lead to me then wanting to go and see birds and wildlife in other countries. 


Once I started travelling I realised that you don’t only see wildlife, in fact sometimes you don’t see any, but there are beautiful landscapes out there. So next I started to learn about taking landscape photos.


Over the last three years I have taken thousands of photos, a large majority of which have been binned. Making mistakes does help you improve. On my bridge camera there was a setting for taking black and white photos. I had set it there to take a photo of a list of birds we had seen. I had then sat down for breakfast (in Gambia). Someone said there was a Malachite kingfisher fishing just outside, I rushed out and took some photos. Then it flew off. When I looked at the photos I realised I had taken this beautifully colourful kingfisher in black and white! I never did that again. 


Next trip Tobago for the hummingbirds

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The Street
1 Liz Miller Camouflaged Niton and Distr